Anodizing Systems

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Our divisions, PriceWalgren and Jessup Systems, are world leaders in the design and assembly of anodizing equipment for precision applications.

Our anodizing equipment is used for these processes:

  • Type I: Chromic Acid
  • Type II: Sulfuric Acid (SAA)
  • Type III: Hard Coat (HCA)
  • Phosphoric Acid (PAA)
  • Thin Film Sulfuric Acid (TFSAA)
  • Titanium Anodizing
  • Sealing
  • Bright Dip
  • Dye
  • Conversion Coat / Alodine

The anodizing processes use controlled electrolytic oxidation to develop a tenacious aluminum oxide coating on the surface of an aluminum sheet or component. Anodizing becomes integral to the substrate - it forms by a protective layer “growing down” into the metal.

Anodizing substantially increases resistance to corrosion, scratching and wear, provides insulation, maintains high reflectivity, and enhances appearance.

Anodizing can be used alone and can achieve a variety of color and texture effects through dyeing, electrocolor or interference color.

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