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ELECTROCOAT (ECOAT) – We have extensive experience in all major electrocoating techniques, such as continuous conveyorized systems, indexing systems, and bulk coating systems, where parts can be randomly packed.

LIQUID PAINT – We have repeatedly advanced and refined liquid coating technology to enhance coating performance, respond to environmental issues, and meet the needs of our customers for high uptime performance and low life cycle costs. Today, our systems are used alone or in combination with e-coat and powder to meet stringent quality, cost, operating, and emission requirements.

POWDER COAT – Our highly experienced team of professionals provide full-service, turnkey powder coat finishing system support with expertise in all process stages from pretreatment through final cure, integrating the powder application equipment and booths of your choice, best suited for your application.

ANODIZING – Our hard coat and other anodize processes impart superior wear resistance and exceptional dielectric properties, and produce a non-conductive surface with homogeneous porosity. Our anodizing technology used in construction applications includes Type I, II, III, Phosphoric and Oxalic Acid. Tartaric, Boric Sulfuric and Thin Film Sulfuric are often specified as chrome alternatives. In addition to anodize technology, we supply the sector with systems for alodine chromate conversion coating and in-line nondestructive testing packages, including fluorescent penetrant inspection.

PLATING – We are widely respected for our work with two related specialties within plating: Pretreatment Systems and Material Handling. We have numerous proprietary material handling solutions that minimize footprint and energy use, and simplify waste management. We manufacture turnkey systems for: Hard Chrome Plating, Cadmium Plating, Silver Plating, Copper Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Platinum Plating, Chemical Milling, FPI, NDT, Aluminum Etching, Nital Etch, Chem Film/Alodine, and Passivate.


Customers choose us because our equipment has an unrivaled track record for reliability and performance, and our management and technical team is the most experienced in the world for the adaptation of automated finishing system technologies to the specialized needs of the construction industry.

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