Energy Saving Performance

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Energy Saving Performance

George Koch Sons’ insulated oven panels outperform competitive systems as a result of our unique energy saving “ISO Slot” design. Side channels feature multiple staggered 3/16″ wide x 6″ thermal break slot perforations instead of fewer 3/4″ wide slots. Our proprietary superior thermal break design exhibits an average 15° lower oven temperature and associated energy savings compared to generic panels with fewer 3/4″ wide slots.

Koch Advantages

Attractive Appearance

  • Unique roll-formed vertical edges result in attractive, “No-Dimple" seams

Energy Efficient Thermal Break

  • Unique side-channel "ISO Slot" design ensures lowest heat transfer and maximum energy efficiency

Superior Finish and Corrosion Resistance

  • Exterior face is 20-gauge Type 1-40-CT aluminized steel • Interior face is 20-gauge Type 1-40-CT aluminized steel
  • 40-coating weight contains 60% greater coating mil thickness than panels featuring 25-coating weight
  • Chemical surface treatment "CT" retards the formation of white rust and oxidation

Precision Designed and Fabricated

  • Roll-formed side and end channels
  • Exterior and interior rolled-formed shells are mechanically fastened to longitudinal tongue-in-groove channels and spot welded to box-end closures on minimum 6" inch centers
  • Panels are completely filled with insulating material, preventing voids and settling within the panel assembly

Quick, Low-Cost Installation

  • Packaged and skidded in "bundles” for easy, efficient overhead hoist or side forklift offloading
  • Panel "bundles" are protected with cardboard to eliminate scratches
  • Large projects are delivered on open top trucks for easy overhead crane or over the side forklift efficient offloading

Superior Service

  • Unmatched engineering, technical expertise and project management support
  • KOCH Modular Thermal Panel System is the leading choice among OEMs and contractors
  • Over 75 years of oven innovation and expertise in supply of oven panels and enclosures
  • KOCH creates and provides comprehensive professional AutoCAD approval and final assembly drawings with details and complete bills of material
  • 2 year warranty
  • ISO 9001 quality system, certified since 1998
  • Staff of highly qualified and experience project management teams including project management professionals, licensed professional engineers, and degreed mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Over 35 experienced, fully trained manufacturing specialists with over 600 years combined experience
  • KOCH provides long term support and service and a 24/7 emergency service hot line

Typical Temperature Summary

6″ thick KOCH insulated oven panels featuring 20-gauge aluminized steel skins and 4 lb. density mineral wool insulation located in a 71˚F, 32% RH facility:

Oven Temperature Average Temperature at Panel Joint Average Temperature at Center of Panel
400˚ F 93.67˚ F 84.67˚ F
500˚ F 115.11˚ F 102.83˚ F
550˚ F 128.67˚ F 115.17˚ F

Oven Panel Insulation

Our insulated oven panels feature certification on density based on full compliance with Sec. 11.2 of ASTM C612. Mineral wool “Felt” is superior to mineral wool “board” insulation which simply features nominal densities. It is rated noncombustible, as defined by NFPA Standard 220 when tested in accordance with ASTM E136. Melting point exceeds 2,000°F, and the product withstands ASTM E119 temperature for over 5 hours when mechanically supported.

Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame Spread: 0; Smoke Developed: 0, per ASTM E84