Porcelain Enamel Systems

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With the recent purchase of assets of Engineered Finishing Systems (formerly KMI Systems), George Koch Sons offers porcelain enamel furnaces engineered to maximize efficiency, achieve an optimum firing curve, and minimize dirt generation or infiltration and maintenance. We design furnaces to cure enamel, either wet or powder, from any of the major enamel suppliers, and our furnaces finish parts uniformly and completely without discoloration or dirt rejects. We offer various options including batch, intermittent, or continuous type systems.

Our heating system, electric or gas, is designed to gradually and steadily raise the part temperature from ambient to set point (1400° to 1600°F). Once the part reaches the set point, its temperature can be maintained within 1/2 to 1% from the top to the bottom of the part throughout the conveyor path in the furnace. Our furnaces have many superior features and advantages that will benefit your finishing process.

We can also satisfy all of your enamel mill room and lab requirements, and the following list includes just a few of the items that are available: Ball Mills (new and used), Grinding Media, Jar Mills, Ferrofilter, Rotospray Sifter, Magnetic Filters, High-Shear and Air-Drive Mixers, Scales, and Batch Furnaces.  In addition, we provide all spare parts for furnaces including any alloy parts tooling.

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George Koch Sons, LLC is an active Member of the Porcelain Enamel Institute.